Freight Shipping

Arbor Pack N Mail is your freight expert!

If you’ve ever wondered how to ship something larger than the standard box, wonder no more. At Arbor Pack N Mail we make handling oversized shipments a breeze! Large shipments can be challenging and even dangerous in some cases. Shipments in the “freight” category can be moved through methods such as truck, rail, air cargo and sea container. Don’t attempt a shipment like this on your own! Lean on our expertise to create the perfect freight shipment for you.

We offer over 40 different freight, LTL, air cargo and sea container carriers to ensure your freight arrives safely on-time and at the right price.

We Can Ship:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Furniture
  • Multiple electronics
  • Office equipment
  • Palletized items
  • Domestic and international air cargo
  • Expedited freight
  • Deferred, economy freight
  • Household items